Thursday, 21 March 2013

She Likes ... Shoe Storage

How to sort your shoe collection

If you love shoes as much as I do, then you’d agree that it’s hard to resist adding the latest styles to your collection. But what do you do when your shoe habit starts to spiral out of control? If you start to lose track of just how many black patent heels you have, or catch yourself buying duplicates without realising – then it’s time to take control of your shoe collection. Organising might not sound like fun – but trust us, sorting out your shoes will double the pleasure you get from them.

Do you really need them?

Before you start organising your shoes, it’s worth going through them and deciding whether you really want to hang on to them or not. Do you really want those 80s era platform sandals you got for the school prom years ago? And just how many pairs of black ballet flats do you need to keep handy? While some old pairs may be beyond wearability, you could recycle others to earn some extra cash.

Be realistic – as much as it might hurt, review your shoe collection honestly and divide into three sections – those you definitely want to keep, those that are still in good wearable condition for someone else, and can be recycled, and those that are beyond all hope, and should head to the landfill.

Organise by event

If you’re living in a small space, then separating your shoes by occasion or event can help to organise your collection. Keep everyday practical shoes close at hand – a discreet shoe storage rack in the hallway is a good place to keep flats for driving, fitness shoes, wellies and work shoes.

Special occasion shoes, like your beloved collection of designer heels, party shoes and seasonal footwear can be stored safely away – close at hand for whenever you want to get them out, and easily accessible.

Shoe boxes – keep them or chuck them?

Shoe boxes always present a dilemma. Virtually every pair of shoes comes in a clunky cardboard box, complete with tissue paper and stuffing. While we’d like to hang on to every box in our shoe collection’s history, sometimes nostalgia has to be put second place to practicality.

It’s worth hanging on to original boxes for premium shoes – if you ever decide to part with them in future, having the original packaging can definitely increase their value. For other shoes, check out transparent shoe boxes. These can be easily stacked up inside your wardrobe, keeping shoes secure, clean and accessible – while letting you choose at a glance which pair you want to get out for each outfit. Another alternative to transparent shoe boxes is to take a quick snapshot of every pair, and sticking a picture on to your shoe box. While this might seem like a bit of a tedious chore – you’ll be glad you don’t have to wade through dozens of identical shoe boxes trying to find the right pair at the last minute, before your big night out!