Sunday, 10 July 2011

She Likes ... To be healthy

Yet again it seems that the size 0 debate has hit the headlines - this week Topshop have come under fire because of a model used in their website who is looking in need of a good roast dinner! As someone who works in this industry I find it a bit disappointing that some of the highstreet are not leading the way in showing how to be healthy and happy as well as fashionable. While understanding its about making the clothes look their best - clothes are their to make the customer look their best so its the customers body that is key (average size in the uk is around a size 14/16)! Brands like New Look and Dove are showing us how its done by using 'real' women in their advertising - these are not high end fashion models but it seems to work and is great press for the brands! Evans also run facebook campains asking customers to send in pics of themselves and their favorite outfits - its all about the customer and the product - perhaps some designers and brands should be taking note and promoting heath and enjoyment through clothes.

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