Friday, 6 May 2011

She Likes ... Vintage

After coming to terms with the fact that for the next few months I will be feeling the pinch of paying for my summer holiday its still hard to not look round the shops when the weather is so nice that everything in your wardrobe is 'so last year'! Luckily vintage shops seem to be safe places to browse and look about without splashing out too much as its more about key pieces than stocking up on essentials!

Here are a few pics from a shop 'Marshmallow Mountain' in Kingly Court - London town! So many amazing shoes - love these tan ones, perfect with some tapered trousers I think!

The best thing about this place was all the scarfs! So many for around £20 and so many amazing prints any colours!

By far my favorite find of the day! Loving the shape and the florals - perfect with a simple vest for day time or a blouse for a slightly more dressy look!

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