Saturday, 2 April 2011

She Likes ... Upper Street London is possibly every girls dream come true! From the comfort of your living room you can design you own shoes and have them delivered to your door. Note this is not as simple as just picking black ones with silver buckles - you are given the opportunity to create your ideal shoes whether you like suede, studs or straps its all there! Perfect for occasions it seems Upper Street is popular for wedding outfits too as alot of their press coverage has been on the bridal circuit, so brides and bridezillas - you can now match your bridesmaides dresses and shoes perfectly! Hurray!  Best of all if you are struggling to find exactly what you want on the highstreet you no longer have to compromise on choice and if anyone asks where they are from you can say 'just one of my own designs!'.

Here is some of my designs - whats your favorite? ...



  1. love the black and pink one!

  2. uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this pink shoes are amaziiiiing!

    nice blog, if you want to follow each others just let me know!