Friday, 8 April 2011

She Likes ... Tracey Neuls Shoes

Its always exiting discovering new shops but when they are right on your door step and sell amazing shoes - its worth shouting about! Tracey Neuls is a little boutique just up from Bond Street selling Tracey's collection TN_29. The interior of the shop is refreshingly spacious however there seems to be so much to look at - wooden tables and chairs were laid for a dinner of shoes and strawberries! The AW collection shows a new take on shape and texture with a mix of leather, wood and rubber in a range of styles including anckle boots and brogues - which are amazing! One of the first things you notice about the shoes is how comfortable they look - not sure whether its the soft leathers or the built in support but I'm sure these are shoes that will never rub or hurt after a day on your feet! Sign me up!


  1. i love these shoes! ALL of them. Soooo pretty :) i wish a local store will do something like this :|

    love, Pattieta