Saturday, 23 April 2011

She Likes ... Good Weather

With all this (unexpected) nice weather my wardrobe as been feeling a little unprepared and as ever I am left wondering - what did i wear last summer?? But with funds tight and any spare money being saved for holidays, days out and planning summer activities - an easy - money friendly hot weather wardrobe is needed! Luckily there are loads of lovely tops on the high street for affordable prices - and with a revival of last years denim shorts - I think I might have cracked it!


  1. All of these are so gorgeous especially the H & M pieces. The blue flowy top is so pretty!

  2. Love the blue H&M crop, might have to hunt it!
    raje xx

  3. Positively YUMMY collection here...I'd say you hit the mark! And yeah....isn't this weather insane? xoxoxo ps. my faves are the pieces in orange/coral!

  4. ahhhhh! love these pieces, you have fabulous taste! my fav is the coral tiered topshop shirt :)