Friday, 11 March 2011

She Likes ... Tats

It seems as though tattoos as making a come back! (did they ever go away?) Kate Moss made headlines this week by appearing on the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week smoking and whether you think this was a irresponsible or genius move you cant deny she still looks amazing! Below her wrist anchor tattoo is on full show complementing her black and silver look - she is one of a few tattoo baring models on this years catwalk. Another was the model at the Galliano show showed off her star of david tattoo on her arm.

Kate Moss - Louis Vuitton

John Galliano

Another girl flying the flag for tattoos in Megan Fox who's new Armarni Code ad shows her script tattoo across her back - she looks so different in this pic!

Last but not least - however slightly terrifyingly - is Lady Gaga who makes friends with zombie boy Rick Genest in her new video Born This Way. Although she is not permanently inked to look like this he is with a whole body skeleton tattoo! scary and painful stuff! He has also walked at Formichetti's debut catwalk show for Thierry Mugler.


  1. just discovered your blog via IFB forums and followed on google connect.

    i have 3 tattoos but otherwise i am a very conservative dresser and (hopefully) a pretty classy girl so i like to see them creeping into high end fashion

    keep in touch! xo ann

    Holier than Now

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  2. Hey Beth!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting. Your blog looks GREAT! LOVE the header shot of those gorgeous shoes :D I'm following now and would love it if you added me as well:

  3. i didn't recognize Megan Fox in that picture at all.. she looks more fashion forward with that 'do


  4. Wow Megan Fox looks so not like Megan Fox...!
    Love your post

    ♥ milla

  5. i love the new MUGLER ad :)

    i think NICOLA FORMICHETTI did a great job on both the fashion and ad campaign for mugler :) developing a crush on him hahaha

    love, Pattieta