Wednesday, 23 March 2011

She Likes ... Celeb Hair

Its a dilemma that faces every girl and several points in their life, from starting back at school after holidays to a new job, to dressing younger or looking mature ... the age old question when going for a new look - short hair or long hair? Grow it or chop it all off?! It seems it's an issue where you always think the grass is greener - until you cut off all your hair into a bob and realize you look more like a Bob than Britney! (long hair version)! However if we're ever feeling confused we always have the world of celebs to help us make the most out of our hair and provide some ideas before going for the big chop - so even if we think its feeling long and boring, Angelina Jolie teaches us that with a bit of back combing or curlers there is a world of opportunities there for the taking!

Here are some hair ambassadors who always seem to make the most of their locks to re invent new looks ...



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