Sunday, 27 February 2011

She Likes ... is a new site where you create an account, pay £39.95 a month (or £19.95 for 3 months if you have a code) and they send you shoes every month that their selection of stylists have 'picked' out for you. My current funds dont quite stretch to shelling out £40 a month more on shoes than i already do - and also i love shopping too much to let some one else pick for me - but is this the new shopping? Is it anti - shopping, letting someone else style you? To an extent its a very good idea and would be quite exiting to see what they pick for you but on the other hand we might as well hand over our bank cards to the shops and they pick what we wear and how much we pay for it! (i couldnt see on the site what brands of shoes you would be receiving each month, Kurt Geiger? Primark?) After filling out the questionnaire of which catwalk pics you prefer and what shoe is more your style i chickened out as the personal details page came up but i would love to know if anyone has actully done this and what the shoes are like? If it works they could branch out into clothes, accessories, bags - homewear? Interesting stuff!

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