Saturday, 26 February 2011

She Likes ... LFW Shoes

Last week i was lucky enough to go have have a nosey around the exhibition at London Fashion Week, and while trying to glide around like all the immaculately dressed guests who were greeting designers by first name, 'oh its been too long' and 'this year is simply amazing daarling' - i managed to get a few snaps!

Shoes ...

Mary Katrantzou - Love these wedges and the bright with the nude tones! These were sitting next to her amazing collection which used just about every colour in the rainbow making up pictures and scenes on the clothes! Defo ready to get some gorgeous wedges for spring!

Atalanta Weller - More lovely wedges here -this was part of a big display of shoes all in this wooden frame, i love the flashes of animal print and the combination of black leather and tan suede. Despite the mega heels they somehow look really comfortable! 

Rainbow Wave shoes us that Uggs arnt dead with this array of leather boots! Love the stitching around the toes and the chunky souls - look out for the Eskimo trend!

More pics to come tomoz!

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  1. OHH Love the color of your wedges!!
    all best