Sunday, 27 February 2011

She Likes ... is a new site where you create an account, pay £39.95 a month (or £19.95 for 3 months if you have a code) and they send you shoes every month that their selection of stylists have 'picked' out for you. My current funds dont quite stretch to shelling out £40 a month more on shoes than i already do - and also i love shopping too much to let some one else pick for me - but is this the new shopping? Is it anti - shopping, letting someone else style you? To an extent its a very good idea and would be quite exiting to see what they pick for you but on the other hand we might as well hand over our bank cards to the shops and they pick what we wear and how much we pay for it! (i couldnt see on the site what brands of shoes you would be receiving each month, Kurt Geiger? Primark?) After filling out the questionnaire of which catwalk pics you prefer and what shoe is more your style i chickened out as the personal details page came up but i would love to know if anyone has actully done this and what the shoes are like? If it works they could branch out into clothes, accessories, bags - homewear? Interesting stuff!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

She Likes ... LFW Shoes

Last week i was lucky enough to go have have a nosey around the exhibition at London Fashion Week, and while trying to glide around like all the immaculately dressed guests who were greeting designers by first name, 'oh its been too long' and 'this year is simply amazing daarling' - i managed to get a few snaps!

Shoes ...

Mary Katrantzou - Love these wedges and the bright with the nude tones! These were sitting next to her amazing collection which used just about every colour in the rainbow making up pictures and scenes on the clothes! Defo ready to get some gorgeous wedges for spring!

Atalanta Weller - More lovely wedges here -this was part of a big display of shoes all in this wooden frame, i love the flashes of animal print and the combination of black leather and tan suede. Despite the mega heels they somehow look really comfortable! 

Rainbow Wave shoes us that Uggs arnt dead with this array of leather boots! Love the stitching around the toes and the chunky souls - look out for the Eskimo trend!

More pics to come tomoz!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

She Likes ... Trend Report 2

Only a few days left of shows and there is so much to comment on - here are a few of my favorites that stand out! Mulberry  was amazing - lovely prints and really easy to wear colour and shapes! Love the washed camel coat and dress below and the flash of red! Also loving the slate grey dress boots and bag this looks like a fab alternative to black and something very new for the highstreet. Not the we need an alternative to black - as Mulberry shows classic black can look amazing in these floaty floor length fabrics - love it! Other colours include bright turquoise and soft blues.

By contrast Paul Smith shows us how its done with a stunning collection of masculine shapes - loving the mixture of oversized trousers and fitted waistcoats! Loving this look altho am wondering if it would suit anyone that isnt built like a model - nevertheless Paul Smith has brought boyfriend chic forward! SATC miranda would be proud!

Burberry Prorsum, like Topshop brought us a new type of animal print - the white and black animal hats and coats looked fab against more brights! Popping red pops up again along with orange and blue all teamed with slate grey and black and white. Also came the possibility of a check comeback in both the mens and womens coats from big bold checks to tiny woven checks!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

She Likes ... Mercedes-Benz LFW footage from day 4

Heres some more highlights from LFW courtesy of Mercedes Benz - Shows include Holly Fulton, Christopher Kane's amazing underwater inspired collection and look out for the fab use of colour and silky fabrics in Erdem's collection! Interviews include Mel Rickey - Grazia editor and Natalie Hartley - Fashion Editor for InStyle! Enjoy!

For loads more check out ... 


Monday, 21 February 2011

She Likes ... LFW Style 2

A few more stylish snaps from London Fashion Week!

Loving this look  - he seemed quite surprised that i wanted to take his picture as he was on the lookout for people like i was however he defiantly looks the part of stylish fashion photographer - nice specs too! Camel coats for menswear is the way forward!

More camel here but in a long mac which looks great! love the classic mac and gold buttoned cardi - the scarf ties it all together perfectly - its a great time of year to see what ppl are wearing in the build up to spring!

More menswear here  - loving this preppy blazer and satchel. Blazers seem to be booming on the highstreet at the moment (H&M / TopShop/ Zara are fab) so fingers crossed we will see more of them into spring and summer as well - mayb in prints and stripes! Also very much liking her floaty skirt and leather jacket - always a good look for smart casual!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

She Likes ... Mercedes-Benz LFW footage from day 2

Check out these vidios of LFW day 2 sponsored by Mercedes-Benz  -

Loving the big hair on the cat walk and getting a peek behind the scenes - also look out for the AMAZING platform boots <3

Interviews with Olivia Palermo and Diana Vickers!

For loads more check out ... 


Saturday, 19 February 2011

She Likes ... Trend Report 1

It seems as though red could be the new black this season as from the few shows we have seen a LFW so far red is standing out as an influential colour - Betty Jackson went for a vibrant orange/red in her show today ranging from knits to softer chiffons and using this colour all the way down to the shoes! Should we be stocking up on red platforms? Watch this space!

 Betty Jackson
Braganza was another show to use red as a key colour - however slightly softer in tone. Loving this look - makes me want to go out and buy some bright denim!

More vibrant colours were used in the Sass and Bide show with a strong african influence in both print and the shapes of the garments. A key look - belting scarfs into the waist shown in the pics above and below..

 Sass and Bide

 As a stark difference to the hot reds and oranges J W Anderson shows the.. is it librarian chic with those shoes? Not entirely sure but im loving the contrast of soft fabrics and shiny leather shoes - also a clear move to just above the ankle length.

Also - had to get this in - love these shoes used throughout the PPQ show! Cant wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for us - hoping for some amazing dresses, amazing shoes and hopefully not too many stumbles on the catwalk!

(lots more pics @

She Likes ... LFW Style

Fashion Week has started - and you can always tell it has just by walking around London because you cant miss all the photographers with their giant cameras on the look out for passing fashionistas, models in their leggings and leather jackets and stylists and PRs on their mobiles and headsets! I was lucky enough to go to the first day of LFW yesterday and couldn't help taking a few snaps of some fab outfits! More pics to come from the exhibition! Heres a few faves from friday -

Looking fab in black and white! Nothing quite like a bit of fur around the neck of a coat - take note highstreet please!
Love this look - and totally have bag envy! Animal print and red lipstick - classic and amazing!

Eithen wears his own design here and looks effortlessly stylish! Also loving the classic shoes and leather bag! Check out his blog

Monday, 7 February 2011

She Likes ... Giant Shoes!

On a little trip to Selfridges i stumbled across this GIANT shoe - made out of pots and pans! probs not the most comfortable heels but defiantly eye catching!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

She Likes ... Sandals

A little sneak peak at the first summer sandals on the high street - loving these simple river island ones! lovely soft leather and buckles!

Friday, 4 February 2011