Wednesday, 5 January 2011

She Likes ... A Celeb Craze

I read about these bracelets that use 'a performance technology designed to work with your body's natural energy field' they use a hologram to 'resonate' and 'respond' with your body (/ . Then i saw Kate Middleton wearing one in the paper this morning with a lovely silk dress - and after a google it seems everyone is wearing one -  EVEN the business man sitting opposite me on the train had one on with his suit! I am not sure i buy into the idea that a hologram can respond to your energy field for a reasonable $29.95- (and what response would it have?)

I would also like to point out that the scientist in the paper said that these have not been proven to have any effect on your power, balance or strength - but there's no denying celebs love a craze and this seems to be the latest one!

I personally would like a hair slide invented that can improve balance on a night out when wearing high shoes!

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