Thursday, 9 December 2010

She Likes ... Uggs

In this month’s Marie Claire Chris Addison discusses one of the most popular shoes of the last few years. He raises the question many men may be asking – “why are women, for the fifth winter, still persisting with this ridiculous obsession with the Ugg boot?”.  He goes on … “they give the wearer the appearance of someone who’s decided to go to a fancy dress party as two pencils in pencil holders.” … and on…. “Challenge an Ugg wearer and they’ll tell you they don them because they’re practical and comfortable”.   

To a certain extent he is correct – they do look slightly ridiculous we never said they were pretty but this is why they are called ‘Uggs’! And to another extent he is defiantly correct to say that the wearer will tell you they are practical and comfortable – they’re telling the truth!  On a personal note, I disliked Uggs for years and had a lovely pair of leather boots that lasted me fine (no fur lining tho). However after a particularly heavy night out my feet were, in a word, destroyed – I realized that what my life and my feet were missing was the comfort of some Uggs! 

And as the converted I feel that he does have a point but perhaps does not consider that we know they look silly but we just like having warm comfy feet the way that men only really wear trainers! We can only hope that Ugg send him a little gift so he too can be converted – here's some more happy converts -

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