Tuesday, 28 December 2010

She Likes ... 2010 Fashion

In recognition of the end of 2010 – here are a few of this year’s fashion moments! 2010 has defiantly been a year for celebs breaking down the walls and jumping outside the box – sometimes succeeding in making a statement and looking fab (Rihanna) and sometimes just making a statement and looking a little crazy! 

To start we have a celeb who defiantly achieved a little craziness! Lady Gaga repulsed veggies all over the world when she stepped out in a dress made of meat at the MTV VMAs! While grabbing headlines and making a statement I’m sure she was not favorite to be seated next to!!

Another, more recent and more animal friendly statement was made by Rihanna who, on the X Factor final, playing with fire and the amount of leg that could possibly be on show with her floor length black dress! This was a fab performance!

3rd on my list is the amazing outfits worn to Alexander McQueen’s funeral in February. Defiantly a real tribute to a great designer.


Emma Watson turned heads as the Harry Potter filming came to a close when she cut off all her hair!! Whether you love it or hate it – she as defiantly managed to distance herself from her screan character and has shown how much she has grown up. I’m not sold on the short short hair yet but maybe 2011 will sway me! (for the foreseeable future I 100% am a long hair girl!)

Finally, another treat from Lady Gaga – the one that leaves everyone wondering – HOW CAN YOU WALK IN THESE SHOES?! If anyone knows please enlighten me as I have no idea!

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